The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes To Be Avoided In 2015/16

As you may be aware, the digital marketing world keeps changing every year – with all the new trends, developments and rumors, optimizing your digital marketing plans can be a tough job to handle. Apart from the many great practices you have read about and can’t wait to try in your digital marketing setup, there are also many mistakes you should avoid.

So, let’s start listing the biggest digital marketing mistakes you must avoid this year:

Mistake #1 – Poor Planning

Planning is a key of every digital marketing campaign in Kent, and the absence of a cohesive digital strategy always results with waste of time, money and energy, without the need of mentioning the loss of opportunity. That is why effective digital marketing in Kent always shares these common planning principles:

  • understanding the marketplace
  • performing a SWOT analysis
  • defining your digital marketing objectives
  • having a budget

Mistake #2 – Unrealistic Expectations

One of the worst things you can experience when doing digital marketing in Kent or elsewhere, is meet the dead-end of your unrealistic expectations. The digital marketing efforts do not mean instant results by any chance – and that is why you should be patient. We are sharing the most common timelapses for every digital marketing activity in Kent:

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaign – 90 days
  • SEO – 90 to 180 days
  • Social Media – 30 days

Mistake #3 – Lack of Information

New software, analytics programs and data platforms are out every day – tailored to the needs of your digital marketing in Kent, or any other location you may be targeting. Making it easy for you to track and analyze insights, these programs also make you informed of every aspect of your budget and efforts. Without being informed and actively in search of the newest trends, you will fall below the line of successful digital marketing and eventually lose the credit you have hardly worked on getting.

In the end, if you are uncertain of the ways you could leverage successful digital marketing Kent, you always have the option of hiring a digital agency in Kent – as the best team of mentors to guide you in the full picture.