Reading Glasses: Who Needs Them & Why

The eyes are often one of the most neglected organs of our body, simply because it is easy to move closer or farther to what is being read. Many people think it is okay to simply strain their eye muscles a bit more by frowning to read what is before the eyes. There are also some people that do not even realize they are doing it until they are told by somebody else.

Vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism, and farsightedness are comparatively easy to identify because people experience headaches while trying to read something, or when they have problems in reading highway signs from a distance. But presbyopia is often dismissed as temporary blurring of vision. People get habituated to dismissing the problem because they can hold the document at a distance and still read it.

Ironically, many people in their 40s suffer from presbyopia, but not all of them have other visual problems. Reading glasses are therefore essential for such people. Some, however, may suffer with presbyopia even before turning 40.

In presbyopia the muscles that increase or decrease the shape of the lenses in the eyes are unable to adjust to the shape because of weakness in them due to age. Therefore, the eyes are unable to focus, and as a result of that, the vision is blurred. In contrast, it is the eyeball size that causes myopic blurring, though at times, an abnormality in the shape of the lens or cornea can also result in myopic vision. Farsightedness or hyperopia too is a result of a smaller retina.

If you suffer from headaches and experience difficulty in reading paperwork at the normal distance, these could be indications of presbyopia. Reading small print in particular is a big problem for people who suffer from this condition. The blurring in vision because of presbyopia can be eliminated by using an external lens that has no power, either for short sightedness or for far sightedness. For those who are farsighted or shortsighted, and simultaneously suffer from presbyopia, there are different types of lenses. One can use the lower part of eye glasses as reading glasses, and the upper part of the glasses as normal glasses. Therefore, these types of reading glasses are actually bifocal eyeglasses.

It is better to buy good quality reading glasses and start using them regularly for reading. Some of these reading glasses are made from good quality plastic polymer, so they are almost scratch proof and do not break easily either. Customized reading glasses, however, are likely to save the eyes more than these readymade reading glasses.

Reading glasses are different from computer glasses. Many people do not know the difference and treat computer glasses as reading glasses. Computer screens are at a reasonable distance from the eyes. Reading glasses are for reading documents or other material that is much closer than that. Possible defects in reading glasses could be scratches, waves etc., so it is necessary to check the glasses before paying for them. Even better is consulting any eye specialist, so as to get prescription reading glasses.