IPTV Box: A Great Way to Access UK TV Abroad

Sitting in a cozy cottage in one of the atolls of the Maldives, the only thing you are missing is your favourite British TV program. If only you could watch it at this hour in this moonlit night with this crashing sound of the waves in the ocean falling in your ears, it would have been a perfect end to the beautiful evening you spent with your family on the beach.

No point regretting now. The next time you go abroad, make sure that you have an IPTV box with you.

This will enable you to watch nearly 100 channels of UK Television from any remote corner of the world.

A whole range of UK Television channels will be at the tip of your fingers. You would just require a broadband connection to watch your favorite channels like BBC, ITV, Sky TV, Sky Sports, and others. What if Arsenal is playing against Manchester United on the very day you have landed in Pattaya, Thailand? Naturally, you would not want to miss the action. Just plug in your IPTV box, order a can of beer and watch the game live on the television set in your hotel room!

Although, there are very many varieties of set top boxes available in the market today but the best ones are still MAG250 or MAG254. They come with remote control devices.

Nothing can beat MAG250/254

They are amazing light weight easy to carry devices. And they come with remote control system, which is very easy to operate. No complications there. Why we are recommending MAG250 or MAG254 is because they are compatible with almost all kinds of modern television sets. Plus, they give you very high quality sound and HD picture quality and support most modern audio and video formats, making the overall experience of TV viewing truly amazing and memorable.

MAG254 is only an improvised version of MAG250. Otherwise there is not much difference between the two. MAG254 has a better memory and has a slightly faster processor. Its remote also has more functions.

IPTV travels with you

The short form for Internet Protocol Television is IPTV. This entire system, which is heavily promoted by the telecommunication industry, operates on Internet Protocol for delivering television services.

IPTV currently has three kinds of services: Live Television, Time Shifted Television and Video-on-Demand.

Time Shifted Television is particularly amazing, as it provides you the facility of recording your favorite programmes so that you can watch them at the time of your convenience.

All three kinds of services come at very affordable prices. IPTV boxes are also easily available and reasonably priced. You just have to subscribe to the service, paying a nominal fee and the UKTV will be there where you are!