How to choose the best running shoes for men

What To Look For When Buying Your First Pair of Runners

What matters when choosing the ideal running shoes is the shape of your feet and your running style rather than the logo on the side of the shoe. It is important to find the right running shoes so that you are able to run comfortably and also avoid getting injured.

Having the right running shoes makes a difference between a great run and a run that will leave one hurt or with blisters. A pair of running shoes should last between 3 to 4 months, i.e. after 400 to 500 miles of running for the regular runner before they are replaced.

When buying shoes for running, first it is important to know the kind of feet you have, the terrain on which you will be running on and how you run. If you don’t know, visit most local running specialist stores for a shoe fitting and proper gait analysis. As a man who needs running shoes, you should consider the following when choosing the best running shoes:

Get a perfect fit

Buy your shoes late in the evening because this is when the feet are swollen due to the day’s activities. The correct shoe size will go in line with the length and width of the feet and also the weight of the runner.

Some shoes have a narrow width while others are slightly wider so fit the shoe to see that it fits well and doesn’t snag. Don’t choose a shoe that is too wide because the foot will have too much room which will cause it to shift as you run. A runner’s weight affects the amount of force in which the shoe will be subjected to so if you are heavy, choose shoes with thicker soles to save you from too much impact.


Different shoes have different cushioning on them and when choosing a shoe you should consider your frame and preference. If you weigh above 200lbs then you need a shoe with a lot of cushioning and if about 130lbs you would need shoes with less cushioning. The cushioning will also depend on how much padding you would want under your feet and the contact to the ground.

The Different Types of Pronation. Image credit: This Runners Recipes

Ankle support

The shoe should support the ankle, heel and upper foot to avoid a badly sprained ankle. You need to know the shape of your feet and how the ankles and feet move during a run.

There are three types of motion, i.e. pronation, supination and overpronation. For a person with pronation motion, they have reduced stress on the knees, hips and ankles so they wouldn’t need a special type of shoe.

Supination or underpronation motion is where the foot rolls outward rather than inward upon contact which may cause a harsh impact on the knee once they need a shoe with a more flexible upper portion, and extra cushioning in the soles of the shoes.

Overpronation motion means that the foot rolls inward and it may also cause injury to the knees so choose a shoe that adds stability and rigidity to the feet.

Terrain appropriate design

There are two types of mens running shoes i.e. road running shoes are best for paths and paved roads and off-road running shoes which are also known as trail runners for unpaved trails. Road running shoes allow a runner’s foot to be flexible and are lighter than trail runners. The trail shoes provide stability and extra shock absorption on uneven ground and they ensure runners to have optimum traction on slippery rock surfaces or gravel.

High-quality construction – most running shoes are made of synthetic leather because it is flexible, durable, light in weight and dries quickly which is much better than genuine leather. Choose a running shoe that has strong seams and breathable panels that are made of mesh. The upper part should be water proof which prevents water from getting in as you run and the lining should also be water resistant.

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a very popular running shoe. Image credit: Sneaker News


Style preference is different among people because some prefer streamlined shoes that give the foot a narrow appearance while others prefer chunky heavy duty shoes. The standard shoe has a basic color with white splashes and has the manufacturers logo or mascot.

Affordable pricing

A high priced shoe means that it is of high quality with the development of the shoe and aerodynamics of the shoe design making it worth the cost. However, here are affordable shoes that are of good quality if you are on a tight budget.

If you are looking to get the best running shoe, visit a running shoe store and get the best shoe. Don’t be in a hurry while selecting and you may ask for help from the sales person. Carry your running socks so that you get to fit shoes while you are wearing them and they will help you know if the shoe does fit well when wearing socks.

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