How To Attract & Retain Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

The marketing power of using exhibition stands is paramount when it comes to establishing brand identity, releasing and launching new products and engaging with potential customers and new leads. The primary focus of your exhibition stand will be first to attract the attention of attendees and when you have them at your stand, you need to interact with them with a friendly and energetic sales team.

If you can put these two ingredients into a successful trade show exhibition stand you can expect to gain new connections, more conversions of your products and many more leads and potential customers as well as business partners.

Within this article, different ideas and suggestions will be laid out on how to gain the most attention and attract attendees to visit your exhibition stand and interact with your sales team. Follow the tips below and be sure to elaborate on the ideas mentioned for even more opportunities for increased results.

The very first thing you will need to accomplish is gaining the attention of attendees and getting them to visit your stand. The following four techniques are proven for gaining attention so try them out.

 Ubisoft's E3 Booth
Entertainment Is Key To Attracting & Retaining The Attention Of Trade Show Attendees. Image credit: Pinterest

1. Keep Visitors Entertained

You can do such things as live music, have live entertainers, have video, interactive displays, games, and entertainment that will make you more memorable. These are methods that have worked for others to gain attention and capture the interest of trade show attendees.

2. Get A Great Exhibition Stand

You will want to incorporate colourful and loud design features that will set you apart from other competitors. You will want to have your brand and the features of your products proudly displayed with the benefits of your brand and product listed. Using things like lighting and powerful colours can give a more dramatic effect encouraging visitors to come to visit your exhibit stand. Hiring a professional exhibition stand design contractor is a great step forward.

3. Offer Free Training & Information

When people attend exhibition trade shows they are typically looking for trending and new solutions to their needs. You can develop such things as workshops and seminars that offer intriguing ideas as well as informative topics that will interest your target audience and display how your product or brand can help them with their needs or challenges.

4. Technology Is A Powerful Tool

Using things like technology can have visitors line up to try your offers. When you offer interactive technology you can help entertain attendees and furthermore you can gain more attention and drive your brand and product information deep into your visitor’s minds.

When it comes to attracting people to your exhibition stand you will need to engage them and keep them interested. There are plenty of ways to do this and here are five ideas that are successful in capturing the interest and engaging visitors.

1. Offer Free Coffee

Attendees can easily become tired and less interested when they are tired. Offering free coffee is a reason for them to visit your stand and stay. The caffeine will keep your attendees more alert and gives your sales team time to talk to visitors as they wait for their hot drink to cool. Caffeine also works on the pleasure centres of the brain which creates a positive link to your brand.

2. Hire Engaging Staff

Be sure to train staff to be engaging, personable and friendly. You want them to go the extra mile with capturing the interest of attendees as well as capturing leads.

3. Videos Are Powerful Tools

When you utilise the power of videos you can use high quality and extremely colourful and stimulating images to reinforce your brand. Be sure that you include a call to action to help with gaining more leads for your marketing team to follow up with.

4. Use Social Media

You can use a live twitter feed that will give your visitors the opportunity to follow your brand and use your #hashtag to converse with your social media team. Using Twitter can help to engage visitors with your brand and keep them educated.

5. Use Handheld Technology

You can use technology such as the iPad to help gain more visitors and it is an excellent method for gaining lead information. You can have people fill out surveys and try out products. Nowadays people are more likely to leave their contact information on a tablet then paper.

Follow the suggestions above to maximise the attention and engagement at your next trade show. These exhibition stand suggestions are winners and when used can maximise your return on investment.


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