Why Adding a Carriage House to Your Property is a Great Idea

Keep Your Vehicles Safe from the Elements With a Timber Carriage House

Before the modern design of garages being incorporated into the development of modern homes, in earlier times many people used carriage houses. Today within this article we will discuss the advantages of using a carriage house and the different elements you can incorporate within one. They are a great idea for anyone looking to house their vehicles and adding storage space.

Carriage houses were traditionally used for housing animals and carriages before the invention of automobiles. The carriage house was used to feed and maintain the food and cleanliness of the horses that were used to pull carriages. Over time the vehicle took over the carriage house and soon became used as a place to work on the vehicle and house tools and other equipment dedicated to the upkeep of the vehicle. If you have a larger portion of land we recommend you build your home front and centre with your carriage house situated behind your home. Using this method you will maximise your use of your property and increase your options for home design.

A Carriage House Will Need a Suitable Concrete Base Before Erecting. Image credit: Log Cabins South West

The code requirements for energy efficiency will be different than from your actual home since your carriage house is its own separate building. In most chances, the costs will be much lower than the costs associated with your home. Many different government municipalities will tax outbuildings at a lesser rate. If you have concerns related to real-estate taxes, be assured that you will be spending fewer taxes then if you were to have an attached garage to your home rather then employing a carriage house.

If you would like to utilise the concept of building a carriage house you won’t need much more than a concrete base, and a built roof and exterior shell. It does not have to be fancy if you are on a budget. However, if you have the funding available you can incorporate many different design elements and features as far as your budget allows. The carriage house offers a lot of storage space especially if you own more then one vehicle. If you have sports utility vehicles, snowmobiles or dirt bikes, the carriage house will make a perfect home for them. You can also use the carriage house as a shop type area to work on and maintain your vehicles.

Carports & Carriage Houses Come in Various Modern Designs. Image credit: Exterior Living

You can also utilise the upper level of the carriage house with a loft that you can use a man cave or a guest suite or full-time in-law home. You will need to pass the requirements of your local real estate laws before you attempt this. However, it is a great idea as long as you hire proper electrical and plumbing contractors to get the most from your carriage house. Having adequate plumbing and electrical hookups will make any timber carriage houses much more usable. Even if you do not presently intend on adding electricity or plumbing at least have the plumbing and wiring planned out. Later on, you will thank yourself when you choose to add full electrical and plumbing to your carriage house.

Today’s carriage houses are no longer designed in an old-fashioned way. The common element these days is different styles and they are often also elegantly designed to look like a typical modern home you would see anywhere. When you go about planning your carriage house with the design in mind you can add just one floor above or have the house completely levelled. You need to be specific and precise with your upper room floor plan to maximise space. It is best to know what exactly you want to use the loft for before you begin building or even designing.

Carriage houses let homeowners appreciate a very different and unique blend of architecture and modern function. With a small budget and a big imagination, the carriage house can be used for all sorts of purposes including anything from business to pleasure. If you are considering building a new home or making an extra addition to your house, a carriage house is a highly popular building that is worthy of your consideration.

You can always find a good architect to come up with suitable plans based on your ideas or you can always do it on your own. You will need to do some research into carriage houses on your own and check out pictures and read about the different elements and styles that are available for you to build before you completely finalise your plans. Ultimately you can use them to house your vehicles and sporting equipment and you can use the upper loft as an apartment for ageing parents or family members or you can use it as a business office.

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