How to improve your kitchen with replacement fitted doors

Are you fed up with your kitchen’s outdated look. Have you been wanting to replace it but are not looking forward to the hassle and the cost involved? There is one solution that could make things simpler and more affordable, while also giving that much needed facelift to your kitchen. This is to improve your kitchen by means of replacement fitted doors.

Simply put, you would be retaining the inner cabinets, which basically forms the skeleton of your kitchen, but you would be installing new and more modern doors onto the existing cabinets if they are still in a reasonable condition. In many cases the kitchen’s existing carcasses are still perfectly good for continued use. The kitchen doors are what are mainly subjected to extreme wear and tear, not to mention the fact that they are what is actually visible, and thus responsible for your kitchen’s tired and dated look.

Always use a professional to fit your kitchen doors. Image owner: Big Stock

Replacement kitchen doors can make a huge difference to your kitchen. The same applies to new drawer fronts. And the best thing is that they can be easily installed, avoiding a long and tedious process, as well as being so much more affordable.

The new doors will obviously need to be made to measure so that they will fit properly in your kitchen carcasses. So you will need to take exact measurements of your kitchen for each door or drawer. If you will be hiring someone to make the doors for you the measuring process will be seen to by him.

Routing an MDF kitchen door. Image owner: WoodHaven

There are several materials you can choose from, as well as colours, when it comes to kitchen then replacement doors. Most kitchen doors are generally manufactured from MDF whilst some more expensive options are made from solid wood.

You may order your replacement fitted doors or else fit them yourself if you are a DIY lover. Obviously you would need to have certain equipment to cut and give them the desired finish and style.

Modern kitchen doors generally stick to flat panel styles, but there are still many who prefer to opt for other styles. A flat centre panel and raised frame, generally looks very contemporary. Raised panel cabinet doors are also popular as the centre panel will be surrounded by a contour, which appeals to many people.

Another point worth noting is that you will also need to consider staining the doors, so as to have a colour that will complement the cabinet boxes. Once the doors are ready, you will need to take off the old doors and any hardware that was keeping them attached to the kitchen frame. Then, you will just have to install the replacement doors in their place. When it comes to hanging the new kitchen doors, you will need to pre-drill holes in them, insert hinges, and then secure them to the hardware on the cabinet frame. It is worth noting that new hardware is generally recommended.

For less stress and mess, and lower expenses, opt for replacement fitted doors for your kitchen. You will be amazed at the considerable difference they will make as you can greatly improve your kitchen with replacement fitted doors and give your home one of the best kitchen makeovers you can imagine!

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